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Integral Blinds within the Glass


We supply sealed glazing units that contain Integral Blinds and are the solar control innovation of the decade. They have many benefits over conventional venetian blinds. The blind is totally enclosed inside the cavity of our high performance, insulated glass sealed units and they do not interfere with the operation of the windows. This makes them dust, allergy and maintenance free. 

Additionally, they can be supplied in a range of contemporary colours and even woodgrain effects, to easily colour coordinate your finished room and provide a seamless elegant finish to complement your doors and windows. As a result of this, many designers find this particular type of system, the integral blind, a fantastic solution for this issue of unobtrusive light, heat and privacy challenge. 


Magnetic Controls
Magnetic Controls
For use in both windows and doors
For use in both windows and doors

We all want to create and maintain a safe home environment for us and for our children. With this in mind, our Integral Blinds have been designed in such a way that makes them a very sensible choice, as there are no chains or cords. So you can rest assured that your little ones will not come to any harm as a result of your choice.

As the blinds are completely integral and hemetically sealed within the glazed unit, your little ones will not be able to trap their fingers or cut themselves on any sort of sharp edges. Furthermore, as the integral blinds are fully concealed, your children will not be able to accidentally damage them which gives you the peace of mind that the blinds will be the same condition as when your had them installed, for many years to come.

When open, our Intergral Blinds allow a completely unobstructed panoramic view, when closed, they help your room feel cosy and warm and keep your home safe from prying eyes. They can also help to control how warm your room gets in full sunlight and protect other furnishings from the harsh effects of strong UV rays.

Because our Integral Blinds are within the sealed units, they are permanently dust free and protected against accidental damage. This means that you can have the delights of blinds without extra cleaning and maintenance chores. The blinds are opened, closed and tilted using innovative yet simple sliding magnets. Therefore, the units are kept hermetically sealed, are easy to use and virtually impossible to break.

Product Summary

  • A system that is fully encased within the double glazed unit
  • Maintenance and dust free integral blind system
  • Concealled within the sealed unit to protect against damage
  • An ingenious solution for allowing partial or complete privacy
  • Contemporary, elegant and stylish aluminium design
  • Add a real 'wow' factor to your home or office
  • Easy to operate, fully controllable via two simple sliding magnets
  • Safe for children as there are no external cords
  • Colour co-ordinated to match you door and window frames
  • Slimline design ensures only a minimal reduction to glass area
  • Provides a discrete privacy barrier, plus reduces sound and solar gain
  • Flexible and energy efficient response to managing your environment

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